Episode 1: Welcome to Critically Speaking, Where we separate fact from fallacies at the intersection of science and society

Episode 2: Is ADHD real? Interview with Dr. Stephen Faraone

Episode 3: Toking Up: Dr. Deborah Hasin on changing marijuana laws and what they mean for you

Episode 4: Toking Up: Dr. Jodi Gilman on marijuana and your brain

Episode 5: Sperm counts are declining! Dr. Grace Centola discusses the details and where they are going


Episode 6: Before you were born. Dr. Catherine Lebel discusses prenatal effects on the developing fetal brain

Episode 7: Puberty in primary school? Little girls reaching puberty at 7 or 8 years of age! Dr. Frank Biro discusses this trend, its causes and consequences

Episode 8: Puberty in primary school part two. Long term risks for these little girls are discussed with Dr. Jane Mendle

Episode 9 You go girl! Naturally high testosterone levels in elite female athletes. Dr. Alan Rogol discusses the origins of these conditions and their implications for eligibility to compete.

Episode 10 Before you were born Part 2. Dr. Masha Gartstein, Director of the Infant Temperament Laboratory at Washington State University discusses the factors, especially prenatal ones, that affect your baby’s temperament.

Episode 11 Dr. Hanna Stevens: Before You Were Born Part 3 Evidence is emerging that inflammation during pregnancy is associated with a higher risk for disorders such as autism and schizophrenia in the developing fetus, disorders that sometimes appear much later in the individual's life. Dr. Hanna Stevens, Child Psychiatrist, Division Director of Child Psychiatry and Head of the Psychiatry and Early Neurobiological Development Lab (PENDL) at the Carver College of Medicine University of Iowa, discusses the relationship between material inflammation and later psychiatric outcomes.